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Pittsburgh Scenes Home Page

The Smithfield Street Bridge is my favorite of all Pittsburgh bridges.
I did several sketches before I came up with this view.
The boats were added later.
The Smithfield Street Bridge All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson

I did this view once back in 1973 and liked it so much I redrew it
South Side View All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson

This was one of my best selling pieces.
Three Rivers Stadium was torn down and replaced
with two new stadiums:
Click on the links below to see what the stadiums look like that replaced it:
New PNC Park,Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Team
Heinz Field, Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pitt Panthers Football Teams
All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson
Pittsburgh with Heinz Field and PNC Park
Pittsburgh and Three Rivers Stadium

This Mill is so long that I almost didn't fit it in the picture.
I could do a second one if I wanted with the right half
US Steel Clairton Works All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson

What can I say everone misses Forbes Field.
Funny how people always seem to have a favorite Forbes Field story to tell me.My favorite from a guy that told me that when it was torn down he got a number from the score board. You see he wa a CPA and he wanted a ballpark figure to show everyone!
All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson
View of Forbes Field (aerial)

I've drawn this view from the west End Overlook three times.
An earlier version of this view was my very first Pittsburgh scene drawn in 1974 for a Three Rivers Arts Festival exhibit.

The new version is my signature piece
The Point All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson
The Point II, Pittsburgh

I've also done three different view of HeinzChapel.
The tree is no longer standing.
I plan to do a new one with the University of Pittsburgh next to it.
Heinz Chapel All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson

Blast furnaces were always named after women.
Ann and Dorothy are two.
Ann, J& L Steel Mill All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson

Central Catholic is a great High School.
Central Catholic High School All Rights Reserved
Nevin Robinson

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