Nevin Robinson

Artist, Illustrator Photographer  

Artist Statement:
MEDIUM: Pen and Ink Drawings and Photography

All of my original drawings are done by hand using a very fine point pen called a Rapidograph.
The originals are usually drawn large to include as much detail as possible. I feel a lot of detail gives the drawing interest and character.
I work both from photos and on the site. My preferred process is to take shots with my digital camera from different angles and then revisit the location while the drawing is in progress.

After I finish the original pen and ink drawing, I use a commercial graphics lab to make the photographic film needed to make a metal plate. From this plate each print produced by a quality printing company. It is then inspected and hand signed by me personally.

My line of photographs are the images and references I use to do my drawings.
They are available matted, framed and hand signed

My wife Kathleen assists with the matting and framing.

Pittsburgh, all the city points of interest, as well as Steel Mills are the main subjects in my drawings
I've lived in Pittsburgh all my life and I hope my love of this great city shows in my work.
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